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It's all done for you.

We create a private QR code for your event that saves all full resolution guest photos to your live photo gallery.

No App. No Fuss.




How It Works

Simply create your welcome page for guests and share the instant QR code or URL. It's so fast and easy!

Guests will love adding their photos, videos and guestbook messages to your private digital gallery and seeing your event unfold in one place.

There are so many creative ways to use it, such as a video guestbook, photo booth or disposable camera alternative. It's the best way to collect photos from a group and no one needs to download an App! Winning!


Display Your QR Code & Share Your URL

Display your QR code at your event. You can even send your URL to guests or add it to your event website and invitations.

As a bonus, you'll receive pre-made Canva templates including a welcome sign, table cards, mini take home cards & photo booth card to simply personalize and print! Or send your QR code to your stationer and they'll do the rest!


Instantly Enjoy The Best Memories From Your Event

You'll love seeing the best moments from your guests roll into your digital gallery as you impatiently wait for the professional ones to arrive!

It will be filled with unforgettable photos, funny videos and heart-warming guestbook messages. You can even live stream photos at your event by activating the new slideshow feature!

When you've received everything from guests, download your organized zip gallery in original resolution to any device.

Everyone will keep checking the gallery as it fills up with the best moments from your event. Don't miss it!

Fun ways to use guestpix at your event

Live Slideshow

Activate the live slideshow feature and watch as photos are automatically added for everyone to enjoy! It's a fabulous way to showcase every angle of your event.

DIY Photo Booth

Instead of bulky tech set ups and damaged photo rolls, simply designate a photo booth area, gather props and have guests upload all the antics to your GUESTPIX gallery. So much fun!

Video Guestbook

Why not ask guests to add a video message! Ask them to share a story, anecdote, or fav memory. You'll love having these fun videos in your memory bank.

Guest Challenge

Incorporate a guest challenge! It's a fun and engaging way to keep guests entertained between events. They can upload a photo or video as proof of their victory. Reward the winner with a prize!



With GUESTPIX there's no need to ask all guests to download an App or register! Your GUESTPIX QR code / URL link is how they add their best photos, videos and guestbook messages. Everyone will instantly enjoy the memories and you can download everything in a click.

2 mins to set up, it's so easy!

with guestpix you'll enjoy...

1000s of photos & videos

Collect hundreds or even thousands of photos and videos from guests from every angle. You'll capture the key moments and get a 360 pov of your event.

live slideshow

Activate the live slideshow feature and watch as photos are automatically added. It's a fabulous way to showcase your event for all to enjoy.

guestbook messages

Receive guestbook messages, reviews or testimonials. It's the perfect accompaniment to your photo collection no matter what type of event you're hosting.

qr code, url & pin

Your custom QR code is your ticket to receiving content from guests. Add it to invitations, table cards, signage and more! Or send your URL (with PIN) digitally - guests have 6 weeks to upload.

digital gallery

Enjoy the convenience of your own digital gallery. View photos, videos and guestbook messages, edit content and enjoy sharing with your guests.

zip download

Ready to download your event gallery? Everything is neatly zipped and ready to download within 12 months of your event. It's the perfect way to keep, share or print photos no matter your event.

All organized and delivered to you so you don't miss a moment!

Event already over?

Simply send your custom URL link (with PIN) to guests and start receiving photos and content instantly!


What event are you planning?

From weddings, celebrations, group holidays and festivals, to small business and corporate events, we've got your guest photos covered!

Don't miss a moment

Enjoy seeing your event unfold through the eyes of your guests.

You can edit and share your event gallery with guests and download everything in one neat package.

It's uncomplicated-ly simple.

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Ready to use GUESTPIX at your event?

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