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Wedding Photo Gallery & Digital Guestbook

event photo collection made easy
Save the memories from your guests to enjoy for a lifetime.
Because it only happens once!
perfect before or after the wedding

No App. No Fuss.

Receive the best moments from your guests in your private digital gallery.


What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is your digital wedding gallery that un-complicates the issue of receiving hundreds (or thousands) of photos, videos and guestbook messages from your wedding guests.

Forget checking your chat apps, emails and SMS for photos then saving them all one at a time. The GUESTPIX photo sharing gallery and guestbook saves everything in one place.

No App. No Fuss.

You'll be so glad you did it. And so will your guests!


Instantly receive a custom QR code and URL link for your wedding that links to your private digital gallery. Guests add photos, videos and guestbook messages that you can enjoy instantly and download all together in a click.

Only 2 mins to set up!

See Unforgettable Memories In Your Wedding Gallery

You'll love seeing the best moments from your guests appear live in your digital gallery. It will be filled with heart-warming photos, funny videos and sweet guestbook messages. When you're ready, download your organized gallery in one click to any device.

You and your guests will love how easy it is!

Here are some great ways to use GUESTPIX at your event

Photobooth Alternative

Instead of bulky tech set ups, simply gather props and have guests upload to your GUESTPIX gallery. So much fun!

Video Guestbook

Why not ask guests to leave you a video guestbook message instead? You'll love watching these fun videos the next day!

Disposable Cameras

Unnecessarily add to landfill? No thanks! Not only are these plastics wasteful, they are costly to buy and develop with lower picture quality than our smartphones and digital cameras!

Before Or After Wedding

GUESTPIX can be purchased before or after your wedding. Display your QR code at your wedding, or send guests your URL if purchased after the wedding. So easy!

Don't miss a moment.
Capture all the best memories and re-live your wedding day all over again.


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By: Jonathan 3:24pm

By: Christian 10:43pm

By: Sarah 11:05am

By: Timothy 11:20am

By: Shanzay 9:32pm

By: Chrissie 11:37am

GUESTPIX is for those before and afters and in-between moments. It's the laughter with your bridesmaids to that nervous-excited glance to your best man. It's your first look to your first dance. It's the power to see your wedding from every angle so you don't miss a moment!


Tell them all

Display your QR code / URL on your invitations, menus, ceremony booklets, signage and bonbonnière tags. Or send your URL digitally to guests.


Smartphone or camera?

Use both! No matter which digital device your guests are using, they can upload their best moments so everyone wins!

From guests you'll receive...

1000s of photos

Collect hundreds or even thousands of photos from guests from every angle. The day goes so fast, you'll want to look back and see it from the eyes of your guests.

unforgettable moments

Enjoy video content captured from those unforgettable moments. Imagine seeing your vows, entrance, wedding dance and speeches to re-live all over again!

guestbook messages

Receive heartfelt wishes and messages from your guests that you can keep forever. It's the perfect accompaniment to your photo collection.

From us you'll receive...


Your custom QR code and URL is the ticket to receiving content from guests. Display on invitations, menu cards, signage and more!


Conveniently enjoy all the photos, videos and guestbook messages in your digital wedding gallery. Edit the content and enjoy sharing it with your guests. Filter by guest or timeline.


Your wedding gallery and guestbook is neatly zipped and ready to download within 12 months of your wedding. It's the perfect way to print wedding photos and keep those treasured memories forever.

We put you in full control over your memories so you can #ditchthehashtag!


Get your MC involved!

They can announce that you're collecting guest photos and guestbook messages during the initial speech. You've made it so easy for them,  even old aunt Betty could do it!


Wedding already over?

No problem! Simply purchase GUESTPIX based on your number of guests. Send guests your URL (sms, email, chat etc) or add the details to your thank you cards. Too easy!

From the night before to the big day, capture it all with guestpix.


It only takes 2 minutes to set up!

It's the best wedding photo sharing site made for you and your guests.


Ready to use GUESTPIX at your event?

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