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To answer any unsolved questions, we’ve compiled this comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page and separated it into categories.

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Host General FAQ's

GUESTPIX is a digital photo collection platform designed to make photo and video collection a breeze for both the host and guest. It provides an easily transferable way for guests to share their best content through a QR code or URL. All content is available to download in a neat zip file in original resolution.

Not only does GUESTPIX save you hours of your time to request, collect and save content manually, it also makes it easy for your guests!

After purchase, you’ll receive an instant QR code and URL that links directly to your digital photo gallery. You can display this QR code at your event (we supply editable Canva templates you can use) or send guests your URL (with PIN) digitally. You could even add this to digital invitations or your event website.

You and your guests can upload photos, videos and guestbook messages using either the QR code or URL. It’s so simple and best of all it doesn’t require all guests to download an app or register! This removes the hurdle for guests to upload and results in a higher volume of shared content for the host.

Every gallery will automatically open 2 weeks before the event date so hosts can test it out and become familiar with the platform before the event. If you need your gallery to open earlier, please get in touch – we’d love to help.

An internet connection is required to view and upload to the gallery. Your gallery will be open to receive content from guests for up to 3 months from your event date. Everyone can view the gallery anytime for up to 12 months.

Hosts have many settings to choose from in their dashboard which allows them to customize the gallery to suit their event preferences. These include:

  • Allow Streaming Video in the Guest Portal
  • Hide Guestbook
  • Video Guestbook Feature
  • Allow Guest Photo Downloads
  • Disable Guest Photo & Video Uploads (perfect for sharing professional photos)
  • Hide Guest Email
  • Allow Guest Zip Download (perfect for group holidays, reunions etc).

As a host, you will enjoy seeing all your guests memories neatly in one place – your digital gallery! When you’re ready, you can download your zip file containing all the photos, videos, guestbook messages in original resolution so you can print or use them anyway you like.

To download your gallery, we give you a few options:

  • You can download your zip containing all of your original quality photos and videos at any time from your host dashboard. This means that you can keep the gallery open for continuous uploads while downloading the current content.
  • At the end of the 3-month upload window, we automatically send you an email with the zip link of all content and close your gallery for uploads.
  • If you’d like guests to download original resolution photos/videos from the gallery, you can activate individual guest downloads in the “Settings” section of your host dashboard. This will add a small download icon in the corner of each photo/under each video. It will download the full-resolution version (not the thumbnail version).
  • You can provide access for all guests to download your zip folder via their guest portal. This will become an option once the host has downloaded.
  • You can choose to zip download your content organized into photos, videos, and guestbook messages or all in one folder.
  • You can download to your desired device within 12 months of your event.

Our pricing packages are structured around your guest numbers. The guest number on any package refers to the total number of guests who can view / access and upload to your gallery.

When a guest accesses the galley for the first time, they add their name. This is how our system determines the total guest count and so the host can decipher which guest uploaded each photo. Note: If two guests enter the same name without an email address, their images will be stored in one named folder when you download your zip file.

Guests can access and upload to the gallery as many times as they want (either through the QR code or via the URL & PIN), and they will only be counted as one guest. If the same guest needs to use a different device, they simply enter the same name they originally used upon first access.

With every GUESTPIX purchase, our customers will receive:

  • A Digital Gallery that saves all of your guests photos, guestbook messages (and videos if in your package).
  • Your gallery will open 2 weeks prior to your event date so you can test it out and become familiar with it before the main event.
  • A Unique QR code and URL link (with PIN) that links to your digital gallery.
  • Editable Canva Templates to edit, print locally and display your QR code at your event.
  • 12 Months Photo Storage: Guests have a 3-month upload window from your event date (or purchase date if your event is in the past).
  • Delete Function so you can keep the best content.
  • Advanced Settings to control how you use and display your gallery and guestbook. Hiding guestbook messages and disabling guest uploads are both settings in-case you’d like to share your professional photos with your guests. You can even watch videos in your gallery (if a video package is purchased).
  • Video Gallery: This feature is for packages that include video uploads (Medium tiers and up). This allows for videos to be uploaded and watched in the video gallery by guests in playback mode. Note that it can take 1 hour for videos to be synced across our servers and be encoded for video playback before they are available for viewing. Often it is much faster than this.
  • Slideshow: The slideshow feature allows hosts to play their photo and video gallery as a slideshow at their event (or anytime within the 12 month window). To use this feature, hosts will require an internet connection. See separate FAQ for more information on how to set this up.
  • Zip Folder Download Link for the host (and guests) after event containing all original resolution photos for printing, guestbook messages (and videos if in your package). Hosts can activate the setting for the zip link to be available to guests by their guest portal.
  • Guest Photo Download Option Hosts can activate the setting for guests to download individual photos/videos from the gallery.
  • Disable Guest Uploads: This is ideal for those who only want to share photos such as professional wedding photos, corporate photos and the like.

GUESTPIX is currently available in all English speaking countries including Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

GUESTPIX also operates in many other countries including all member states of the EU, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, UAE and some Asia Pacific locations.

Please note the platform does not have a multi-lingual function at this stage hence the interface is written in English. We do provide a free text welcome section where a welcome message can be left in any language. Also, because our platform runs in a browser, browser translation is available for those guests and hosts that have it setup and installed.

We’re working on adding new countries and languages and will gradually be adding further local currency payments. If you’re unsure if it’s available in your location, please reach out using the Contact Form in our footer below.

It’s completely up to you as GUESTPIX caters to both past and future events. If you’re wanting to purchase for an event in the future, we recommend purchasing anytime within 2 years of your event. If you’re unsure about the date of your event, you can add a placeholder date in the future and change it when you know.

Your 12-month hosting window and 3-month guest upload window will begin from the date of your event – not your purchase date.

We have some customers who purchase on the day of their event so it’s really up to you!

One benefit of purchasing before your event is that you have time to print out materials with your QR code. We supply editable templates in Canva including table cards, signage and more as part of your purchase for you to print locally.

After purchase, we direct you to a create screen where you add the details of your event (date, welcome message etc). Once this screen has been saved, our system will generate your unique QR code and URL with PIN.

You’re able to download this or start applying it to the editable Canva templates we supply.

Yes, absolutely! Once you have purchased GUESTPIX, you’ll be directed to set up your event details (this takes 2 minutes). Once you’ve created your event, you’ll instantly receive your custom QR code & URL link (with PIN) available in your host dashboard.

You might add your QR code to thank you cards or on other printed materials.

If sending your URL link digitally to guests, simply send them your custom URL link (with PIN). Remember to keep this link private (i.e. not publicly available). Guests simply click the link and upload their photos and content. They will have a 3-month upload window to add to your gallery. Too easy!

You will have 12 months to access and download content from your GUESTPIX dashboard from the purchase date (for events in the past).

We understand that especially during these uncertain times not everything goes to plan. If your event is cancelled, we will offer you a full refund on the card in which you purchased, minus any bank transaction fees. You can request this by contacting us using the Contact form on our website.

If your event needs to be moved for any reason, simply login to your dashboard anytime from 3 days before the event date, and “Change Event Date”. You can move your date to anytime in the future within 2 years of your original date.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’re here to help!

YES! GUESTPIX caters to a variety of events and celebrations. If it’s a birthday party, corporate event, reunion, religious occasion, wedding, engagement party, music awards, concert, honeymoon, group holiday or sports team, GUESTPIX can host your private photos in one neat gallery.

It has also been used for funerals and memorials to collect special photos and video memories from loved ones who’ve passed on. The slideshow feature makes this really easy to display for all guests.

When purchasing GUESTPIX for your event, simply choose the package that suits your guest numbers or upgrade for the features you want.

Yes! GUESTPIX caters to multi-day events. When setting your event date, just add the first date that your event begins. The gallery will remain open for receiving uploads for 3-months after that first date.

You can access your GUESTPIX gallery for 12 months from the date of your event. You can choose to close it earlier if you wish. This gives you enough time to download your full zip file to your desired device. Note that guests will have 3 months to upload content to your gallery. After this time, it will stop receiving content.

For events that are in the past, the platform will start the 3-month upload window from the date you set your event status to LIVE. You’ll then have 12 months from that date (not your actual event date).

Yes. GUESTPIX caters to both Android and Apple devices. This makes it easy for your guests as quality isn’t lost across uploads.

Guests can also upload from their desktop or laptop devices which is perfect for those who are using a photographer or anyone using a digital camera.

GUESTPIX is currently available in all english speaking countries including Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

However, GUESTPIX operates in many other countries including Mexico, most of Europe, UAE and some Asia Pacfic locations.

Please note the platform does not have a multi-lingual function at this stage hence the interface is written in english.

We’re working on adding new countries and languages and will gradually be adding further local currency payments. If you’re unsure if it’s available in your location, please reach out to our friendly team using the Contact form in our footer below. We’ll come back to you asap!

That’s certainly an option. Here are a few reasons why we think GUESTPIX is a better option:

  • Your drive either isn’t password protected or likely requires a google or microsoft (or similar) account. This either leaves your drive open to potential abuse, or offers a significant hurdle to upload – rather than our simple QR code or link with integrated passcode solution
  • Your GUESTPIX gallery is curated (edited) by you so you don’t end up with unwanted items taking up your storage in the first instance.
  • You can choose if guests instantly see everything uploaded or keep it private until you’ve reviewed it and are ready to share it.
  • GUESTPIX offers peace of mind knowing it’s security is tight screening everything that is uploaded to your gallery eliminating viruses and spam.
  • We provide you with video playback within the gallery so you and your guests can watch uploaded videos (if in your package).
  • Our slideshow feature can be used for any event and is included with every package. This allows you to play both photos and videos with some other customization available.
  • GUESTPIX allows comments and titles to be added by guests to their own uploaded photos.
  • The guest experience is easy to navigate and provides guests with a welcome message, feature photo, a guestbook option and a remind me later email containing the link to their hosts gallery.

We generally allow 1GB per guest – as we have found that this covers the vast majority of situations. For a Medium package, this equates to 100GB of storage, or 500GB for an XLarge.

If you have concerns that you might need more storage than this, please reach out to our friendly team by using the Contact form in the footer of our website.

Please refer to our “Fair Use Policy” for more details.

We save your content on fully redundant web infrastructure in North America, and maintain an additional cloud backup copy in a world class data storage facility (USA). We also have local edge nodes in a growing set of jurisdictions such as Europe, Australia and Asia (with more to come). These are designed to make the upload and download process as fast as possible.

Whilst we take every care to protect against the accidental loss of your data, we recommend that once the event is over and the collection window closes, you should download and store a backup (or multiple) of the files. To assist with this we provide a really easy zip file for download – ultimately you are responsible for storing your content over the long term.

Your photos and videos will be displayed in a beautiful gallery layout ready for you to view on desktop, tablet or mobile. It will appear just like any professional photo gallery making it a wonderful viewing experience.
We provide the original, full resolution images so they are the best they can be for printing and future use. When you download your zipped GUESTPIX folder, it will include photos/videos in folders ordered by guest name so you can clearly attribute (and thank!) your guests accordingly. Note: The gallery will display the compressed thumbnails for a faster viewing experience.

GUESTPIX platform accepts the following file types to be uploaded:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • HEIC
  • WEBP
  • MPG
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • HEIF

Very rarely, we also see requests for DNG and RAW files. We are working to bring these into the platform in coming months.

There are plenty of ways you can get lots of content from your guests. Some ideas are:

  • Add your QR code to your event stationery such as invitations, menus, booklets, agendas and centre of table cards. Editable Canva templates are included with every purchase.
  • Add a mini ‘Take Home QR Card’ to your place settings so guests can slip it into their wallet. We provide editable Canva templates for this.
  • Add your QR code to your welcome signage.
  • Ask your MC to introduce it in their speech and remind guests throughout the event. The most uploads happen when the host is enthusiastic about having guests share their content – so encourage your guests.
  • Inform your event helpers to remind guests to upload.
  • Set up a challenge where guests can upload their photos for a prize.
  • After the event, send out your URL link (with PIN) so late stragglers can add to the gallery in their own time.

No problem! Guests will have up to 3 months after the event to contribute their photos and content. After that time, your folder will stop receiving uploads.

Guests can add their media by either using the QR code or the unique URL link (with PIN) to upload content. You can send this to guests simply by email, sms or whichever clickable method you prefer.

TIP: Add the QR code and/or URL link to your invitations or mini take home cards. That way they should still have it the following days after the event.

Yes! We would love for you to make the most of your GUESTPIX gallery and encourage you to add your professional photos providing you have the necessary permission from your photographer to do so.

Professional photographers can also upload to the gallery and should use their name / business name when adding themselves to the gallery. This will ensure all photos are associated with their name when being viewed.

Please note that there is an option in your Advanced Settings for guests to download photos that have been uploaded to the gallery. If you choose to activate this setting and have uploaded professional photos to the gallery, please ensure others have the right to download their images. Otherwise keep this selection switched off.

Host Set Up


Step 1: Purchase your package & set the details of your event – 2 minutes. You can add a welcome message for guests and a feature photo.

Step 2: Download your instant QR code and/or share your URL with guests. We provide you with BONUS editable Canva Templates to display your QR code. We find many hosts add their URL to their digital invitations or event website. You and your guests can upload photos, videos and guestbook messages using either of these methods.

Step 3: Receive all the photos & videos. Watch as guests upload to your private gallery. It’s so simple and best of all it doesn’t require guests to download a photo sharing app.

Step 4: Download your zip file to keep forever. We organize your zip into folders by guest, including a separate CSV document for guestbook messages. Or you can download everything in one file.

You can download to your desired device within 12 months of your event. You’ll have these unforgettable memories forever.


Your gallery will open 2 weeks before your event date so you can test it out and get familiar with it before your event. Guests have a 3-month upload window from your event date.

If your GUESTPIX package includes videos (Medium 100-guest packages and up), you can login to your host dashboard. Navigate to “Set Up” + “Settings” + “Allow Video Playback in the Guest Portal”. You can toggle this setting on and off at any time.

Every GUESTPIX purchase includes access to the slideshow. Depending on your package, this may include photos only or both photos and videos.

If you toggle on “Live Refresh” in the Slideshow settings it will play through all of your photos and videos – where you can choose to play videos either mixed in with photos, at the beginning or at the end. Once it’s completed one rotation, it will automatically loop back to the start and include any new uploads and plays them first.

In terms of then connecting to a screen, we have a “fullscreen mode” for the slideshow that you can activate, then there’s 3 options to connect it all up:

  1. Run the slideshow on a laptop and connect it via HDMI to the screen
  2. Cast from your device/laptop using google Chromecast from the Chrome browser over wifi
  3. Use screen mirroring software from your device to the screen

We have found most hosts do 1 or 2. Also – we recommend that you ensure you have a good internet connection – once the images in the slideshow load once, they are cached and don’t need to be loaded again. But new images have to be downloaded from the internet, and we make sure that they are in full resolution (so sometimes they are 5-10MB each and can take a couple of seconds to load).

We are happy to provide further information. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Absolutely! You’re in control of how you want the gallery to function for your needs.

You can choose to hide photos from guests initially, then review and delete any unwanted images / videos. You can then toggle this setting on, to make the gallery available for all guests to view and enjoy.

Absolutely! As the host, you have full control over your GUESTPIX gallery and can choose what to keep and what to cull. We appreciate there may be some photos or videos that aren’t necessarily keepsake worthy.

To delete any photos or videos, simply login to your host dashboard and navigate to “Your Event + Delete Pics/Vids”.

For a limited period of time, we maintain a backup of deleted content and we may be able to restore it for you. Please get in touch using our Contact form on our website and we’ll do our best to help!

Yes, although photos can take up to 5 minutes for photos to be synced across our servers before they are viewable in the gallery.

As the host, you can toggle your gallery to allow all guests to see uploaded photos or you have the option to hide uploads from other guests. This is where each guest can only see their uploaded content. Occasionally we find hosts use the hidden option depending on the purpose and the event.

You can change this setting at any time.

There are two pathways to upload. Guests either scan your unique QR Code, or you can send them your custom URL link (with PIN).

From there, guests are taken to the ‘Guest Event Portal’ where they can very easily upload images, guestbook messages (and videos if in your package) from their device with a few simple taps. Many of our customers are shocked at how easy it is – no app required!


We’ve made our pricing really simple. All tiers are based on your guest numbers or simply upgrade for the features you want. You’ll find the guest numbers listed above the price and purchase button in each package.

Currently we offer local currency charges in AUD, USD, CAD & GBP. Here’s our Pricing Page to select your local currency.

You will have 24 months to set your event date from the time of purchase.

Yes! All packages up to XL can be upgraded via the host dashboard. We simply charge you the difference between your current package and the tier you’d like to upgrade to.

If you’d like to upgrade your existing event to more than 500 guests, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can customize your guest package.

If you’re paying in your local currency i.e. USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, in the vast majority of cases you will not be charged an international transaction fee. However in rare occasions we’ve been made aware that some banks may charge a small “international transaction fee” even though you are transacting in local currency.

If you’re purchasing outside of these currencies or the currency you choose is not your local currency, there may be a small transaction fee applied by your bank (typically this is a few percent). We are continuing to expand the currencies we offer, but unfortunately can’t cover every currency in every jurisdiction at this point.

Yes! You can purchase GUESTPIX as a gift. How thoughtful!

When creating the event, you can choose to use your own email address or theirs. We do send some emails and reminders in the lead up to, and following the event so you can get the most out of your purchase. So, if this is a surprise gift, it’s probably best to use your own email address then hand over the final gallery during or after the event by giving them the log in details.

We can also transfer the account to their email address when you’re ready. Please request this by reaching out via our Contact form.

Gift Cards – We do not currently offer gift cards but if you’re interested in this feature, please let us know. We’re always listening to customer feedback.

We accept payments using credit cards Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Occasionally, we find that some Community Credit Unions and Bank Associations require more information for the payment to go through. If this is the case for you, we can send you a separate payment link which captures more information such as your billing address and phone number associated with your card. We find this helps with the success rate of payments transacting.

Note: We don’t store any credit card or payment information. We use a the global payment provider Stripe across all transactions.

If your payment hasn’t gone through, please contact us and we’ll send you a new payment link. Once your payment has been accepted through Stripe, you’ll be directed to our GUESTPIX platform where you can start setting up your event details.

Guest FAQ's

As a security measure for our hosts, we protect each gallery from the public and therefore don’t provide a search tool for events.

Already accessed the gallery? If you have already accessed a gallery by either scanning the QR code or using the URL with PIN, you’ll be able to access the gallery using the same device and browser by clicking here.

Not accessed the gallery? If you have not yet accessed the gallery for your event, you’ll need to reach out to your host and request access. They can do this by sharing their URL & PIN with you digitally.

Yes. The only way to upload photos, videos and guestbook messages is through an internet connection. For very large photos or videos, guests will need a good internet connection due to the large nature of these files.

However, if there is no internet available or weak internet in your event location, don’t stress. You can upload to the gallery for up to 3-months after the event when you have a better connection. If you don’t have the QR code to access the gallery, ask your host to send you the URL and PIN found in their host dashboard.

Guests have 3-months from the date of the event to upload photos, messages and videos (if in the package). After this time, the gallery will stop receiving content. You and your host will have 12 months to view and access the gallery from the event date.

For events that occurred in the past, the 3-month upload window begins when the event goes LIVE.

Yes, if your host has activated this feature for guests.

If guest photo downloads have been activated, you’ll see a little download icon appear in the corner of each photo. This will download the full-resolution photo we store in the background, not the thumbnail view you see as this is compressed for a faster viewing experience.

Hosts can activate this feature, by logging into their host dashboard and heading to “Set UP + Settings’ to toggle this feature on.

Guests can only delete photos/videos that they have uploaded.

Guests do not have the ability to delete content uploaded by others – only the host has the ability to remove any and all content if desired.

No. We believe it’s our moral obligation to honor and protect the memories that have been collected to all private galleries. We do not, and will not sell your photos for our own benefit.

If a host has submitted photos or videos to us for the intention of sharing them on social media or through other marketing channels, we will always require their permission in writing for us to do so.

We’re continuously updating our FAQ’s. If something is missing, or you have any other questions, please let us know using the pink bubble at the bottom of the screen. We’re here to help!


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