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Wedding Guest Photo Collection & Digital Guestbook

Save the memories from your wedding guests to enjoy for a lifetime.
Because it only happens once!

All it takes to collect wedding pictures is your QR code.

No App. No Fuss.



Empowering You To See All The Memories

GUESTPIX is a photo sharing website that collects wedding pictures with a QR code or URL.

You'll love receiving the best moments from your guests as their photos and videos are uploaded to your wedding gallery and digital guestbook.

It will be filled with heart-warming photos, funny videos and sweet guestbook messages. It's perfect for past or upcoming weddings.

We know you and your guests will keep checking the gallery for new photos as the days go by. When you're ready, download your full gallery in full resolution to enjoy forever.

It's so easy. Don't miss a moment!



There's no need to ask guests to download a wedding photo app or register! Your GUESTPIX wedding QR code / URL is how guests add their photos, videos & guestbook messages that everyone can enjoy instantly and download in a click!

2 mins to set up, it's so easy!

Fun wedding ideas using guestpix

DIY Photo Booth

Instead of bulky tech set ups and photo paper rolls left everywhere, simply designate an area, gather props and have guests upload all the antics to your GUESTPIX gallery. So much fun!

Video Guestbook

Wanting to see unique messages from guests? Ask them to record and upload a video message to your guestbook! They could share a story, anecdote, or leave you a heartfelt message for your wedding. You'll love watching these fun and thoughtful videos over and over again.

Get Your MC Involved

What better way to announce photo collection than with your MC! Ask them to introduce your GUESTPIX gallery during housekeeping and guests will be adding their best pics to the gallery in no time!

Live Slideshow

Activate the live slideshow feature and watch as photos are automatically added for everyone to enjoy! It's a fabulous way to share the love especially for the elderly.

review - wedding

"Me and my wife used Guestpix after our wedding to collect all of the photos and videos that guests took to have them easily viewable in one location. It was super simple to setup and our guests were using it with no issues! I love that we will be able to download all of the photos and videos to one location so they're no longer scattered throughout our guest's devices!

I contacted the team with a couple of quick questions and Carla got back to me the next day and was able to solve any and all questions we had! We HIGHLY recommend using this service for your guests photos, we only wish we had heard about this website before our wedding so we could leave QR codes on all of the tables. However, the site is just as effective in collecting photos even after your special day is over! Thank you Guestpix team for making this as easy as it was!"

Kara, USA - August 2022

review - client birthday

"I recently used GUESTPIX for a clients birthday party and it was a hit. So innovative and easy to set up and use! No more useless guestbooks. Finally, the best part of all, where many innovative companies miss their mark is the exemplary customer service provided by Carla."

Tiffany, USA - September 2022

review - 50th birthday

"I set this up as an alternative to a big photo booth, put the QR code on the tables and everyone loved it! It made it so easy to share all photos, not just in the booth area, but saved effort and costs and I didn't get left with distributing tons of photos :-) Win win!"

Tony, USA - October 2022

review - corporate scavenger hunt

"5 Stars, 10/10, love-love-love Guestpix!! The Guestpix service could not have worked more flawlessly for our corporate event. We had an employee event day the zoo, and one of the activities was a photo scavenger hunt. Our employees were able to scan the QR code and upload their photos directly to our Guestpix account. (Our only other option was to have them text the photos to another employee’s mobile phone – which would have been a nightmare!)

Our employees found Guestpix easy to understand and use. At the conclusion of the scavenger hunt, I needed to download the photos for a slide show at the closing of the day. The staff at Guestpix went above and beyond to make this work for us, even customizing some code for us over the weekend. I can see how this will simplify many event-related tasks for us… I may need an annual contract of some sort!"

Christa, Marketing Specialist - Civista Bank, Sandusky OH, USA

October 2022

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

review - christening

"I recently used your platform for my daughters christening and was blown away with all the images that people uploaded! Some of our favourite images from the day were collected through Guestpix. I wish this was around when we got married! Thank you for helping us collect these special memories."

Adriana, Australia - June 2022

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


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GUESTPIX puts you in full control so you can save your memories and #ditchthehashtag!

By: Jonathan 3:24pm

By: Christian 10:43pm

By: Sarah 11:05am

By: Timothy 11:20am

By: Shanzay 9:32pm

By: Chrissie 11:37am

GUESTPIX is for those before and afters and in-between moments. It's the laughter with your bridesmaids to that nervous-excited glance to your best man. It's your first look to your first dance. It's the power to see your wedding from every angle so you don't miss a moment!

From the night before to the big day, capture it all with guestpix.


It only takes 2 minutes to set up!

It's the best wedding photo sharing site made for you and your guests.


What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is your private wedding photo sharing website that un-complicates the issue of receiving hundreds (or thousands) of photos, videos and guestbook messages from your wedding guests.

It's the best way for guests to share wedding photos, using a QR Code / URL link that we create. There's no need to ask guests to download a wedding app either to share their photos!

Forget checking your chat apps, emails and SMS for photos and saving them one at a time. The GUESTPIX wedding photo sharing gallery and digital guestbook saves all the memories in one place so you don't miss a moment.

No App. No Fuss.

You'll be so glad you did it. And so will your guests!

Ready to use GUESTPIX at your event?

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