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Wedding Guest Photo Collection & Digital Guestbook

Collect and save wedding photos from your guests to enjoy for a lifetime.
Because it only happens once!

A QR code is all it takes to collect wedding guest pictures in one digital gallery.

No App. No Fuss. 



experience guestpix


Now, there's no need to ask guests to download an app for sharing wedding photos.

GUESTPIX makes it so easy for guests to scan your wedding QR code and upload their best photo and video moments privately for you, or for everyone to enjoy.



There's no need to ask guests to register or download a wedding photo app! Your GUESTPIX wedding QR code / URL is how guests add their photos, videos & guestbook messages that are collected in one gallery everyone can enjoy.

2 mins to set up, it's so easy!
"If you're looking for the simplest way to collect photos and videos from your wedding guests, that's completely private and doesn't involve an app - you've found it."

What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is a private photo sharing website and digital guestbook designed to collect wedding guest pictures and videos in an all-in-one digital gallery, using a QR code or link. No photo sharing app needed!

Imagine waking up the next day to your wedding gallery filling up with the best moments from your guests for all to enjoy. You haven't lost hours saving everyone's pictures from multiple platforms - sms, chat, emails or being disappointed with low resolution pictures from social media. 

With GUESTPIX, you'll receive everything in one gallery along with a full resolution download package to save forever.

It's un-complicated-ly simple!

How It Works




Guests scan your QR code to upload wedding pictures or click your private URL with PIN. 

BONUS: You'll receive over 30 custom Canva QR code templates including table cards, I-spy cards, welcome signs & mini take home cards to edit and print locally.



Guests add their name (no registration required) before uploading photos and videos from their gallery or in the moment. Compatible with any device. 

A title and description can be added to photos. Guests can also leave you a written guestbook message or a fun video guestbook message.



You and your guests will keep checking the gallery in the days and weeks after your wedding to relive all the best moments. 

As the host, you control your gallery settings and can customize it specifically for your event.

Your digital wedding gallery will be the go-to-destination everyone will be loving the day after the wedding!

GUESTPIX is for those before and afters and in-between moments. It's the laughter with your bridesmaids to that nervous-excited glance to your best man. It's your first look to your first dance. It's the power to see your wedding from every angle so you don't miss a moment!

By: Jonathan 3:24pm

By: Christian 10:43pm

By: Sarah 11:05am

By: Timothy 11:20am

By: Shanzay 9:32pm

By: Chrissie 11:37am

Empowering you to see all the Memories

You'll receive heart-warming photos, funny videos and sweet guestbook messages. It's perfect for past or upcoming weddings.

We know you and your guests will keep checking the gallery for new photos as the days go by. When you're ready, download your full gallery in original resolution to enjoy forever.

It's so easy. Don't miss a moment!

with guestpix you'll enjoy...

1000's of photos & videos

Collect hundreds or even thousands of photos and videos from guests from every angle. The day goes so fast, you'll want to look back and see a 360 POV through the eyes of your guests.

photo & video slideshow

Activate the photo & video slideshow feature and watch as photos are automatically added after each rotation. It's a fabulous way to showcase your wedding for all to enjoy!

guestbook messages

Receive heartfelt wishes and messages from your guests in a CSV file that you can keep forever. It's the perfect accompaniment to your photo collection.

wedding qr code & url

Your wedding photo QR code is the ticket to receiving content from guests. Display on invitations, table cards, signage and more! We provide bonus Canva templates to edit and print! Guests have 3 months to upload.

digital wedding album

Enjoy the privacy of your wedding album containing all the photos, videos & guestbook messages. Edit content and enjoy sharing these memorable moments with your guests. Everyone will love seeing the day unfold in one dedicated gallery.

download zip

Your wedding album & guestbook is neatly zipped and ready to download anytime within 12 months of your wedding. It's the perfect way to print wedding photos and keep those treasured memories forever. Guests can also download the zip - simply adjust the settings to suit.

Fun ways to collect wedding photos from guests using guestpix

Photo Slideshow

Activate the photo slideshow feature and watch as guest photos are automatically added for everyone to enjoy! It's a fabulous way to showcase your event from every angle.

Video Guestbook

Activate the Video Guestbook setting and have guests record a video in the moment! Ask them to share a story, anecdote, or fav memory. You'll love having these fun videos in your memory bank.

DIY Photo Booth

Instead of bulky tech set ups and damaged photo rolls, simply designate a photo area, gather props and have your QR code sign displayed. Guests scan and upload all the antics to your GUESTPIX gallery. So much fun!

Get Your MC Involved!

What better way to announce photo collection than with your MC! Ask them to introduce your GUESTPIX album during housekeeping and guests will be adding their best pics to the gallery in no time!

I Spy ... Guest Game

Get everyone involved with a game of I spy! Guests will love capturing hidden moments that otherwise would have been missed. Guests can follow along with our free, Canva printable template of items to photograph. You could even give a reward for the best photo moment uploaded.

every guestpix package includes

• Private Event Gallery • 3 Month Upload Window • 12 Month Photo Storage • Editable QR Code Canva Templates   • Compatible With Android & Apple Devices • Adjustable Settings To Suit Your Event Preferences.

Your Frequently Answered Questions

Our pricing packages are structured around your guest numbers. The guest number on any package refers to the total number of guests who can view / access and upload to your gallery.

When a guest accesses the galley for the first time, they add their name. This is how our system determines the total guest count and so the host can decipher which guest uploaded each photo. Note: If two guests enter the same name without an email address, their images will be stored in one named folder when you download your zip file. 

Guests can access and upload to the gallery as many times as they want (either through the QR code or via the URL & PIN), and they will only be counted as one guest. If the same guest needs to use a different device, they simply enter the same name they originally used upon first access.

GUESTPIX is currently available in all English speaking countries including Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

GUESTPIX also operates in many other countries including all member states of the EU, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, UAE and some Asia Pacific locations. 

Please note the platform does not have a multi-lingual function at this stage hence the interface is written in English. We do provide a free text welcome section where a welcome message can be left in any language. Also, because our platform runs in a browser, browser translation is available for those guests and hosts that have it setup and installed.

We're working on adding new countries and languages and will gradually be adding further local currency payments. If you're unsure if it's available in your location, please reach out using the Contact Form in our footer below.

Yes! GUESTPIX caters to multi-day events. When setting your event date, just add the first date that your event begins. The gallery will remain open for receiving uploads for 3-months after that first date.

Your 12-month hosting window and 3-month guest upload window will begin from the date of your event - not your purchase date. This means you can purchase in advance of your event date - we recommend within 2 years. 

If you're unsure about the date of your event, you can add a placeholder date in the future and change it when you know. 

One benefit of purchasing before your event is that you have time to print out your desired materials with your QR code. We supply editable templates in Canva including table cards, signage and more as part of your purchase for you to print locally. 

Yes, absolutely! Once you have purchased GUESTPIX, you’ll be directed to set up your event details (this takes 2 minutes). Once you've created your event, you'll instantly receive your custom QR code & URL link (with PIN) available in your host dashboard.

You might add your QR code to thank you cards or on other printed materials. 

If sending your URL link digitally to guests, simply send them your custom URL link (with PIN). Remember to keep this link private (i.e. not publicly available). Guests simply click the link and upload their photos and content. They will have a 3-month upload window to add to your gallery. Too easy!

You will have 12 months to access and download content from your GUESTPIX dashboard from the purchase date (for events in the past).

We provide the original, full resolution images so they are the best they can be for printing and future use. 

When you download your zipped GUESTPIX folder, it will include photos/videos in folders ordered by guest name so you can clearly attribute (and thank!) your guests accordingly.

Note: The gallery will display the compressed thumbnails for a faster viewing experience. 

From the night before to the big day, capture it all with guestpix.


It only takes 2 minutes to set up!

It's the best wedding photo sharing site made for you and your guests.


Ready to use GUESTPIX at your event?

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