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Albums will level up your event

Albums are separate folders with their own QR code – great for multiple events, separating your day, or a neat way to divide your event (such as sharing professional photos in a separate folder). As host you have complete control over who has access to each album, so private events are only visible to invited guests!

No matter what event you’re hosting, you’ll receive guest photos, videos and guestbook messages. You can even stream your photos at the event by activating the slideshow feature!

Albums packages come with 12 months of uploads, so you can decide when to open and close albums for easy collection and sharing.

You and your guests will love how easy it is!

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With GUESTPIX there’s no need to ask all guests to download an App or register! Your GUESTPIX QR code / URL is how they add their best photos, videos and guestbook messages. Everyone will instantly enjoy the memories and you can download everything in a click.

2 mins to set up, it's so easy!

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What event are you planning?

From weddings, celebrations, group holidays and festivals, to small business and corporate events, we’ve got your guest photos covered!


From the night before to the big day, see every moment of your wedding and treasure the memories forever.


Cherish those precious moments caught on camera and relive them for years to come. From kids birthday parties to decade reaching milestones.


From corporate Christmas parties to family gatherings. Capture all the festive moments in one gallery no matter the event.


Capture everyone's holiday memories so no one misses out! It's so easy for you and your travel companions.


Hosting a corporate or community event? No matter the size, increase event engagement, see the highlights and gather guestbook testimonials.


From graduations and reunions to baby showers and religious celebrations. Enjoy every moment through the eyes of your guests.

What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is a private photo sharing platform for events that un-complicates the issue of receiving hundreds (or thousands) of photos, videos and guestbook messages from your guests during and after your event.
Forget checking your chat apps, emails and SMS for photos then saving them all one at a time. The GUESTPIX event photo sharing platform does all the hard work for you using a QR code / private URL.
Enjoy seeing your event through the eyes of your guests as everything is saved in one gallery ready for you to download in a click. We put you in full control of your memories so you can #ditchthehashtag!

No App. No Fuss.

Just clever tech making your event even more memorable!

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Organising GUESTPIX for your event is a win-win for you and your guests.

Find out how it can work for your event.