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We believe in honouring your memories.


GUESTPIX started quietly in June 2022, from it's South Australian base and over the past 12 months has grown significantly, helping thousands of hosts collect over 1.5 million photos and videos across a diverse spectrum of events.

Even though weddings is our most popular event category, we've been inspired by the creative ways the GUESTPIX platform is being used for events such as milestone birthdays, corporate events, reunions, music gatherings and even funerals. If there's an event worth celebrating or photos worth sharing, GUESTPIX has it covered!

Warwick & Carla Groves - Founders

"We're on a mission to make events truly memorable by capturing your unforgettable moments."


Our memories are one of life's most precious human assets. Created through our experiences, they provoke powerful emotions, feelings and can heighten our senses. Transfer those memories into living photographs and videos, and you have what we call "memory proof" of a moment in time.

Growing up, our families would love to look through boxes of old photographs and albums as we'd find ourselves reminiscing about those good old days. It's nostalgic and warm and helps us reflect on our past in an authentic way.

It's with this sense of connection to past moments, the idea for helping others collect special memories from important moments or milestones in their life, made complete sense to us. 

With everyone snapping photos and videos on their phones like never before, we wanted to help hosts collect those candid, hidden and the behind-the-scenes memories in an effortless, transferable and private way that didn't involve social media, an app or hashtag! 

So, we set out to intentionally design GUESTPIX - a private photo sharing platform designed for you and your guests to collect the best memories using a QR code or link. It's designed to give you full control over your content and a 360-degree view of your event so you can sit back and enjoy the memories.


Designing a simple digital photo platform for events has been no easy feat. Every decision along the way has been questioned to ensure our philosophy translates into a seamless digital photo sharing experience to deliver your memories effortlessly.

Unlike a hashtag, where everything ends up on social media and out of your control, GUESTPIX delivers the digital and original quality photos and videos straight to you so you have control over the content and a practical way to actually use them.


Whilst GUESTPIX is a new digital photo platform, our entrepreneurship journey began in the digital wedding space with Wedding Vault - a free wedding publishing platform used by couples and vendors worldwide. We'd love for you to take a peek if weddings are on your radar!

Collecting memories has never been so simple.

Ready to use GUESTPIX at your event?

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