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Digital Holiday Photo Album

Life's best adventures are ones shared together

From the ski fields to big cities, from road trips to boat trips. Capture every holiday memory from your group and travel through your holiday all over again.
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We make it so simple.

A custom URL link is all it takes for your group to add their holiday memories in one shared digital album. Ole!
Holidays are one of life’s most nostalgic and memorable times. It’s the experience we look forward to no matter the destination.
Whether traveling with a few mates or a large group of family and friends, make photo and video collection from everyone a breeze with GUESTPIX.

You take the holiday. We'll collect the memories.

What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is your digital holiday album that un-complicates the issue of receiving hundreds (or thousands) of photos, videos and messages from your travel group.
Forget checking your chat apps, emails and SMS for photos then saving them all one at a time. The GUESTPIX holiday photo sharing album is a secure way to collect the best memories from your group that does all the hard work for you.

No App. No Fuss.

Just clever tech capturing your best memories!


It only takes 2 minutes to set up!

The easy way to collect holiday photos and videos from your group.

You and your group can...

1000s of photos & videos

Upload hundreds or even thousands of photos and videos from your travel group. You’ll love exploring your holiday through the eyes of everyone on tour.

photo & video slideshow

Activate the photo & video slideshow feature and enjoy seeing all the highlights! Connect to a projector, chromecast or screen mirror technology. It’s a great idea to use and enjoy on the last night of your trip.

guestbook messages

The guestbook allows your travel group to upload messages as a way to remember those special moments and little details you never want to forget.

From us you'll receive...

qr code, url & pin

Your custom QR code / URL link (with PIN) is your ticket to receiving and uploading content from your travel group. No guest registration and no app to download. Too easy!

digital album

The group will love the convenience of all their holiday memories saved in one digital album. Everyone can add titles and descriptions to their uploaded photos. It’s so easy to tap the URL and upload.

zip download

Ready for everyone to download the holiday album? Everything is neatly zipped and ready to download within 12 months of your holiday. Toggle on the ‘Guest Download’ setting so your travel companions can download the zip from the guest portal. It’s the perfect way to save the memories forever.
Everyone’s photos, videos and messages are automatically saved in a digital album ready to enjoy, share with your travelers and download at the touch of a button.

It's beautifully simple!

don't miss a moment!

When it comes to holidays, we’re all snapping, videoing and reeling to remember it all.
GUESTPIX is the fuss-free way for your group to add all their holiday memories (photos, videos, messages) in one shared digital album so you can all access content from your best adventures!


  • Shared Group Digital Album
  • Live Gallery Viewing
  • 3 Month Upload Window (great for no wifi access)
  • 12 Month Download Window (zipped album)

Collecting holiday memories has never been so simple.