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Corporate Guest Photo Collection & Digital Guestbook


Every moment of your event, delivered to you by GUESTPIX.

GUESTPIX is the app-free way to collect photos, videos and messages from your VIP's, corporate guests and colleagues during and after your event. 

From the keynote speech and interactive sessions to team building days and networking events. Capture group engagement and all the highlights no matter what type of event you're hosting. 

It's the easiest way to collect photos from your delegates, VIPs, colleagues and guests.

Instantly collect the best moments from your guests in your digital event gallery.

No App. No Fuss.


 Put corporate guest photo collection on auto-pilot and see your event 360°

Collect All The Moments In Your Digital Event Gallery

It really is hassle free! GUESTPIX will save you so much time and sanity asking corporate guests for photos and testimonials from your event.

Guests use our QR code / URL link to add their photos, videos and guestbook messages to your digital event gallery. You choose the viewing settings and when you're ready, zip download your organized gallery and share it with your guests to enjoy!

You and your guests will love how easy it is!
Go on, deliver your best event, yet!

By: Hallie 10:34am

By: Masara 1:46pm

By: Samantha 1:17pm

By: Michael 3:27pm

By: Aiysha 11:23am

By: Simon 4:58pm

What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is the un-complicated way to collect hundreds (or even thousands) of photos, videos and guestbook messages from your event without asking guests to download an app!

Enjoy the convenience of your organised digital gallery full of photos, videos and guestbook messages from your guests, VIPs or colleagues.

From global company campaigns and conferences to team building scavenger hunts, GUESTPIX can be used alone or to complement your event hosting platform with its group photo sharing and messaging capability. It's designed to be easy for you and your guests.

No App. No Fuss.

Just clever tech to help deliver your best event!

From guests you'll receive...


Collect hundreds or even thousands of photos from your delegates, guests and colleagues giving you a full view of your event.


Capture video content from those key moments. Re-purpose into marketing materials, short videos and use across your various social channels.


Receive guestbook messages you can convert into testimonials, reviews, marketing materials and more!

From us you'll receive...


Your custom QR code is your ticket to receiving content from delegates and guests. Add it to invitations, agendas, table cards, signage and more! Or send your URL (with PIN) digitally - guests have 6 weeks to upload.


Enjoy the convenience of your digital event gallery complete with photos, videos and guestbook messages. Edit or share with your colleagues and guests. Filter by guest or timeline.


Ready to download your event gallery? Everything from guests is neatly organised, zipped and ready to download within 12 months of your event. Too easy!

No App. No Fuss.

Just clever tech making your job easier!


See pricing tiers.



Display your QR code on your invitations, agendas, menus, signage and gift bags. Or send your URL digitally to guests.



Have some fun! Incorporate a challenge, game or assignment for colleagues or guests using photo, video and messaging responses.


Only 2 minutes to set up!

It's the simplest corporate photo sharing site made for businesses and your guests.


Ready to use GUESTPIX at your event?

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