Share Your Wedding Photos With Guests

The professional photos have been delivered. Share the joy of your beautiful photos for all to enjoy in your own wedding gallery.

Re-live the moment all over again.

Because it only happens once.

From the getting ready shots and aisle walk to those heart-tingling looks and everything in between.

Upload your
professional wedding photos in a beautiful digital gallery for you and guests to enjoy and re-live all over again.

You’ve been waiting for the professional photos to arrive and now they’re finally here! Now you can share them all easily

It will be filled with heart-warming photos, funny videos and sweet guestbook messages. It’s perfect for past or upcoming weddings.

When you’re ready, download your gallery in one click to any device.

Don't miss a moment!


With GUESTPIX you don’t need to ask every guest to download an App!  Your GUESTPIX QR code / URL link is how they add their best photos, videos and guestbook messages to your gallery that everyone can instantly enjoy.

2 mins to set up, it's so easy!

Other fun ways to use guestpix at your event

DIY Photo Booth

Instead of bulky tech set ups, simply designate a photo booth area, gather props and have guests upload all the antics to your GUESTPIX gallery. So much fun!

Video Guestbook

Have some fun and ask guests to leave a video guestbook message! Share a story, anecdote, or ask them to recall your fav moment together. You’ll love watching these fun videos the next day!

Guest Challenge

Engage your guests with a challenge! It’s a fun thing to do between events that will keep them entertained. They can upload a photo, video or add a note to the guestbook as proof of their victory. Reward the winner with a prize!

GUESTPIX puts you in full control so you can save your memories and #ditchthehashtag!

By: Jonathan


By: Christian


By: Sarah


By: Timothy


By: Shanzay


By: Chrissie


GUESTPIX is for those before and afters and in-between moments. It's the laughter with your bridesmaids to that nervous-excited glance to your best man. It's your first look to your first dance. It's the power to see your wedding from every angle so you don't miss a moment!

From the night before to the big day,
capture it all with guestpix.


It only takes 2 minutes to set up!

It's the best wedding photo sharing site made for you and your guests.

What is guestpix?

GUESTPIX is your digital wedding gallery that un-complicates the issue of receiving hundreds (or thousands) of photos, videos and guestbook messages from your wedding guests.

Forget checking your chat apps, emails and SMS for photos then saving them all one at a time. The GUESTPIX photo sharing gallery and guestbook saves everything in one place.

No App. No Fuss.

You'll be so glad you did it. And so will your guests!


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