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Capture Every Moment with the GUESTPIX Small Package


Perfect for intimate gatherings and smaller events, the GUESTPIX Small Package offers a seamless way to collect and share your most cherished memories. With features like unlimited photos, a private QR code, a digital gallery, live photo slideshow, and editable Canva templates, this package ensures every moment is beautifully preserved. Enjoy a 3-month upload window and 12 months of secure photo storage, all without needing an app. Experience unmatched security, privacy, and dedicated customer care with GUESTPIX.


Perfect for intimate gatherings and smaller events up to 50 guests, the GUESTPIX Small Package offers a seamless way to collect and share your most cherished memories. This package is designed to provide convenience and simplicity, ensuring every guest can easily contribute to your event’s photo and video collection.

Key Features

Unlimited Photos and Guestbook Messages

Capture and share an unlimited number of original, full-resolution photos and guestbook messages from your guests. Every smile, laugh, and candid moment is preserved beautifully.

Private QR Code & URL with PIN 

Make it easy for your guests to participate. With GUESTPIX, there’s no need for an app. Guests can upload their content using a unique QR code or URL, making the process straightforward and accessible.

Digital Gallery & Zip Download

Enjoy a well-organized digital gallery that houses all your event photos. At the end of your event, download all content in high resolution in a simple, single zip file, ensuring your memories are easy to preserve and share.

Editable Canva Templates

Personalize your event with editable Canva templates. These include table cards, welcome signs, and mini take-home cards, seamlessly integrating the QR code into your event decor.

Live Photo Slideshow

Enhance your event with a live photo slideshow. Watch as photos uploaded by guests are instantly displayed, creating an engaging and interactive experience for everyone.

3-Month Upload Window & 12-Month Photo Storage 

Benefit from a 3-month upload window, giving your guests plenty of time to share their best moments. All content is securely stored for 12 months, allowing you to revisit and download your memories whenever you like.

Unmatched Security and Privacy

At GUESTPIX, we prioritize the security and privacy of your event memories. Using Tier 1 data centers and global cloud hosting, we maximize the speed and reliability of uploads and gallery access. We employ advanced cyber security systems to safeguard your memories, ensuring they remain private and protected. Your data and content are never sold; they remain exclusively yours.

Dedicated Customer Care

Our dedicated Customer Care team is always ready to assist you. Whether you have a question or need support, our team is here to ensure your experience with GUESTPIX is smooth and enjoyable.

No App Required

GUESTPIX eliminates the need for your guests to download an app, making the process seamless and user-friendly. Guests can easily upload their content using a QR code or URL, ensuring everyone can participate without technical barriers.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Setting up your event on GUESTPIX is quick and easy. With just a few steps, your event gallery is ready to collect and display memories from your guests.

Comprehensive Solution 

The Small Package offers a robust solution for capturing and sharing event memories. With features like live slideshows and editable templates, this package provides everything you need to make your small event truly special.