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Common Questions

Albums provide a fantastic way to separate your photos and videos. Each album comes with its own QR code (and magic link), and has optional privacy settings. Each album appears to the guest as its own separated gallery and they will only see albums you give them access to. We find that most hosts use an album per sub-event, or event day, or they use them just to logically separate their photos (eg professional photographer photos added as a separate album). The packages with albums come with a 12 month upload window which comes in handy for events spread across a year.

All packages are hosted for a 12 month period. The small and medium packages come with an upload window of 3 months and the remaining 9 months for viewing and download. Our album packages include 12 months of uploads and hosting with an option to renew at the end of the 12 months.

No- all prices listed are a one time fee. However, we do offer the option to extend your package at the end of the 12 month window (at a discounted rate) if you’d like to continue using it.

Yes! All packages up to XL can be upgraded via the host dashboard. We simply charge you the difference between your current package and the tier you’d like to upgrade to. 

If you’d like to upgrade your existing event to more than 500 guests, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can customize your guest package.

Yes! You can purchase GUESTPIX as a gift. How thoughtful!

There’s 3 ways to go about gifting that are listed below:
1. You can use your email address and name when purchasing and setting up the gallery. When you’re ready, we can transfer the gallery over to the recipient, or add them as an additional admin to the account. We’ll just need the recipients name and email address to transfer it. This is a great option if it’s a surprise, as we do send some emails in the lead up to the event.
2. If it’s not a surprise, but you’d like the recipient to set it up, you can purchase using your details. Once the payment has gone through, do not proceed to set up the gallery. We will email you an on-boarding link, which you can forward to the recipient and they can go through and continue the set up.
Gift Cards– We do not currently offer gift cards but if you’re interested in this feature, please let us know. We’re always listening to customer feedback. 

Yes, we have customer care support 7 days a week with extended hours to cover multiple time zones. You can visit our Help Center for more information or to contact us.

We understand that sometimes circumstances change. We will happily issue a refund when the gallery or albums haven’t been used (and it’s within the last 3 months), or the request is received prior to your event date.